For the 4th class we had sir Ahmed talk about a video highlighting Sara Hendren. Sara Hendren is an engineer and now spends her time creating designs that aid the differently abled people within her society. Early on in the lecture we talk about how her design process starts with a certain approach that is most helpful in the cheapest way possible for the person or people she designs for. I think as a designer myself that is a very important point to think about because so many times, designers just dive into making something unique or different that they actually forget what the client/person needs. We should avoid that and first fully understand what we need to do that will help the person we are trying to help most effectively. The only way we can do that is by conducting our primary research and talking to people whose problems we are trying to solve. Another point mentioned within the lecture was about how Sara Hendren had documented all her projects, from the process to finish with lesser words, more visuals. The way she structured her documents was very interesting and I think as a designer I should try to pick what the good things were and implement them in my own work. Documenting your work is not only important for you to keep track of your work but it also keeps you in check of all the work you have done shows you your progress. Do it right and you can practically have a portfolio that you can show the world. Later on we discussed how Sara’s inspiration for her work came from a woman called Cindey. Cindey was a differently abled person who re-designed her house to be able to work around in the house more easily. This showed that when in need, people can actually create designs for themselves even if they know nothing of the discipline. Something that we emphasized on was how Sara never talked about her work as her own but instead put Cindey on her website as the main inspiration for her work and I think that is a wonderful thing to do. As designers, we don’t design for ourselves, we make designs for others, to help others and elevate them. A designer’s job is to make the people’s lives easier. As a student of design I find that point very close to heart because since a young age I have always wanted to help people in some way but never knew how because all I knew was that we could donate money or food. This lecture about Sara Hendren brought light to things that I hadn’t thought of before and hopefully I can take a lot from this and truly be able to help the people within the country. Further more, we discussed about the philosophy of technology and how technology is removing people. The example we talked about was of a receptionist and we discussed how having a human there would have more cons than pros, in order to make things more efficient we can just employ cameras, card scanners, fingerprint scanners or eye scanners. While these individual things have their own pros and cons, it really comes down to the smaller details. Our culture molds our work ethic. If we grew up in a society of hard working people, we ourselves would be working hard. Later on in the lecture sir mentioned the four relations of mediation, embodiment, hermeneutic, alterity and background. Without going into detail of what these are, I think these are terms all designers should understand and keep in mind when designing anything, even I have to. As a designer I think we should be working to make people’s lives better in our country. We need more designers like Sara Hendren, people who want to help the differently abled by using technology and design.